Midnight snacking.

Midnight snacking.



It’s FINALLY HERE! What do you guys think?

1 MINUTE OF PURE PERFECTION. Gale looks mighty fine, and now I have goosebumps. That’s how excited I am for this movie.

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Becoming Greater

I am learning to channel all my anger, uncertainty, frustration and sadness and turning it into motivation to chase my dreams. I’m no where near where I want to be, but I’m getting better. I’m learning more and I’m so pleased to see my growth. I’ve learned to celebrate myself, find joy in the small things and to live thankfully. The possibilities of life keep me going. I am so thankful to see the energy I’m putting out in the universe being reciprocated unto me. I’m seeking to become better.

My nephew (whose name is Bruce) was dressed up as Bruce Wayne/Batman on Batman Day without his parents even knowing! I call that DESTINY!

My nephew (whose name is Bruce) was dressed up as Bruce Wayne/Batman on Batman Day without his parents even knowing! I call that DESTINY!

Managing Your Feelings

Maturity is learning how to manage your feelings. Don’t be ruled by your emotions. And ever be mindful of your thoughts. Thoughts lead to actions. Actions become habits. And habits are hard to break. Surround yourself with people who are patient, diligent and encouraging. Take it from me. Wallowing in self pity isn’t going to make your situation any better. It’ll just keep people from wanting to be around you. Do not put so much focus on where you’re not. Learn to be thankful with where you are, and how far you’ve come. Remember, the race isn’t given to the swift or strong, but the one who endures. Push past your pain. Be the light in the darkness. Don’t let your emotions rule you. I’ve gotten to a place where I’m choosing to stay thankful despite the difficulties of life. I am no longer making the time nor giving my energy to people who sit and sulk all day. I’ve traveled a long way just to find what was already within me. Joy.

Loving my new bred 11’s!

Loving my new bred 11’s!

I’m going to shit myself!

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Weird compliments I’ve given over the years.

“Your nose is so cute.”

“I like the shape of your eyelashes cause they remind me of doves wings.”

“There’s something to be said about the way your lip quivers when you kiss me.”

“My sweetest joy is looking at you when you think no one is paying you any attention.”

“Your earlobes are sexy.”

“You’re so beautiful. I wish I could wear your face on my face.”

“You smell like my favorite memory.”

“Conversations with you are the equivalent of having a cool glass of lemonade on a warm, sunny day.”

“I wish every time you walked past me time would slow down so I can stare at you longer.”

“I love how when you speak you do so as if in a language only you can understand.”

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We are so like children sometimes. Thinking the present will be great because the packaging is pretty. But sometimes you open that great big box with the pretty wrapping paper and beautiful bow on the top, only to find coal inside. Listen to your instincts. Investigate the fruit first. Pretty on the outside doesn’t mean substance on the inside. Be careful, lest your eyes deceive you.